Thursday, 12 September 2013

Andrew Goodwin :Relationship between lyrics and visuals

 One of Andrew Goodwin's features of a music video:
"There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals. the lyrics are represented with images."

he break it down into the three following categories:

Illustrative:  the action in the video and the lyrics have a linked - the literal meaning
Amplifying: the idea of new meaning/images/actions that do not conflict with the lyrics but that add/reinforce layers of meaning.
Disjunctive: the video and the lyrics have nothing in common-there is no direct relationship.

Here are some examples:

Foundations- Kate Nash

This video falls into the category of both amplifying and disjunctive.
It has shows aspects of amplifying when the lyrics say 'You said I must eat so many lemons cause I am so bitter.' and she literal eats lemons when it's really referring to a metopher which add meaning 
and layers to the lyrics. But it mainly features disjunctive visuals where is doesn't really link with the lyrics but it still tells the story and compliments the lyrics and song.

Paramore- Still into you

This video would fall in to the group of disjunctive like the majority 
 of music videos. It doesn't really link with the lyrics as the song is about
a reletionship and how it's still alive after such a long time, yet there is no
sign of this anywhere in the video. The video tends to feature fun, bright, colours and dancing which isn't anything to do with the music video
however it still complaints the song and works really well.

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