Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Andrew Goodwin : Relationship between music and visuals

 Looking at how Andrew Goodwin talk about how the music relates to the visuals the song Untouched  is a good example ;At the start of the video it opens with a few beats and then violins play sharp short notes; at this point in the music video it jumps from shots of a violins to snap shots of champagne glasses to a wider shot which seems like a party or social event- The music of the violins and shots of the instruments are in sync. 

after the opening it beings to add more music beats giving it more depth; when the bass guitars are added in reveals a close up of the band playing, focusing on the guitars.

The song is pretty fast paced and this matching with the editing as it has very short takes of different things, creating a sense of a busy atmosphere just like the song.

When the song has a slower pace at the chorus and later verses the takes are longer but then return to faster pace when the song picks up.

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