Thursday, 26 September 2013

Genre and Auteur Theory

Genre Theory focuses on the generic similarities, tends to determine texts by historical/social/ political contexts and also how texts emerge as commercial products from an industry.

Auteur Theory follows the ideas of individual stylistic features, how texts are determined by artist's creativity and imagination and how texts emerge as part of an artists body of work.

Auteur theory is different in the way it focuses the audience attention towards what's the differences rather than the similarities between films. as Genre theory tends to look at how the film develops as part of a generic history.

I looked a Film Director named Michael Condry work and we can see from viewing many of his videos that they share a lot in common and there is an auteurist style- It seems that the 1960's has a big influence in his work and that is why he uses vintage cameras. The majority of his videos are disjunctive and he has a fascination with this idea of repeating images and what you can create within a frame(which is why the camera doesn't tend to move) He has a DIY sort of set, nothing really big or flashy; it's a breakaway from modern filming.  

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