Saturday, 29 June 2013

Evaluation of Busted Video

I learned a lot while completing the task. Firstly it gave me a insight to what next year A2 media course consists of. I feel more confident with the editing software, camera and better knowledge when it comes to producing, creating and filming a music video.

There's still a lot I need to learn and improve on such as preforming in front of a camera, lip syncing, camera angles and being more aware of framing as few of the shots had dead space present or cutting part of it out.

My performance overall was fair I would say. I wasn't very confident which showed in the video, however near the end of the video there my performance improved to a better standard to both acting and lip syncing.

As a team overall we work very well together, everyone got on and tried helping when they could. at the  we weren't completely following everything as we were not sure where to start, so to solve this we had a group meeting and when through everything and planned it so then we all knew what direction we were heading in.

We had two major problems through out this process; firstly was the music we didn't think about how to have the music present when doing outside shots and didn't release this till we were all ready to shoot, so we had to act quickly and decided to do some of the inside shots rather than wasting anymore valuable time. The second problem related to people not turning up when we were shooting so we had to chance roles which effected continuity of the video. 

I believe I did well in working as a team player and standing in as the producer when he wasn't present and editing . However I need to work on my confidence in all aspects whether its performing, filming or producing.

I really feel that this task gave me a insight to what next year will be like and help me prepare. I feel it was very useful for extra knowledge and getting familiar with the software and equipment, but not only that I enjoyed doing something new and learning what the practical side is like. What I learnt from this is planning and time management is really important when it comes to creating a music video.

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