Friday, 27 September 2013

Group Task- Thought Shower

Today we listened to each other music choices.  Individually we were given a piece of paper to draw and write down any ideas that came to mind when listening to the music. We came up with a lot of ideas some more useful than others. Here are some of the ideas that were collected for my song choice:

  • street scene
  • swings and dancing
  • roof party
  • balloons
  • holding up lyrics
  • zebra crossing
  • guy in mirror
  • Grease film references
  • fish swimming in an aquarium
  • a dog being the main singer
  • police cars
  • dancing down the street
  • have bear heads on people
  • having a band following the lead singer
  • thriller dancing
  • animation
  • electronic circuits
I really like may of the idea such as the mirror and the zebra crossing I also think the bear head are quirky and interesting.

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