Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Similar Artist CD Comparision

Although Tommy Sparks falls into the genre of pop I researched music artist that music has an extreme similarity to his music and the two bands that i discovered were the Hot Melts and  Filthy Dukes. 
Here are there CD covers below.
  • Both feature bold colours but as if they have been toned down.  
  • they have been computer generated and neither have the artist themselves on the cover
  • Again the White seems to be a key colour for text.
  • Both are quite simple however the Filthy Dukes cover may only just contain an owl but it is really detail and complex.
  • With the Hot melts cover text is the main focus point as it the CD cover consists mostly of text and the Filthy Dukes cover has the image having the majority of the space.
  • The Bands names are both found at the top of the CD
  • The Filthy Dukes cover has an animal theme running through it specifically focusing on birds as the Hot melts don't really have a theme there cover has more of a sense of quirkiness.

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