Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Artist Similar to Tommy Sparks

Tommy Sparks-an English artist born in StockholmSweden who now is situated  in KilburnLondonUnited Kingdom. He came to fame on his release of the songs  "She's Got Me Dancing" and "I'm a Rope". His self-titled album was released on 11 May 2009 in the United Kingdom. A section  of "She's Got Me Dancing" was used by Apple in the iPod touch "Next Level Fun"  TV commercial, as well as being featured in the soundtrack for the games FIFA 10 and just dance 4.Tommy Sparks has moved on from solo work and now a member of a  newly formed band called Health Club.

Filthy Dukes- are an British band originated from London who feature electronic pop/ disco music. In the beginning filthy Dukes were a duo who travelled around the world deejaying but by 2005 they team up with a producer Mark Ralph completing their band. they started mixing a remixing producing  new tunes and were signed to Fiction records in January 2008.

The Hot Melts - a band formed in Liverpool often compared to the Beatles. . Instead, the young four-piece make unreconstructed pop-rock which recalls big, fun US bands like Weezer and Green Day. Their music consists of  simple melodies and song structures seemingly borrowed from 50s rock‘n’roll acts like Chuck Berry given a grungy guitar overhaul.

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