Monday, 18 November 2013

Final Sketches: Digipak and Advert

 This was the inside of the Digipak i wanted all three panels  to follow the same theme almost like it's on image covering the space. I'll use the three girls which will feature in the music video  on this page even though they aren't singers in the band.  I've done this to exaggerate the idea of a story and narrative.

With the inside cover i liked how in Katy Perry's digipak she featured a close up so therefore i've included this idea in my digipak. The back will feature a frame like it does on the cover and also will appear in the music video.  The Final advert is also found on this page and I've decided to stray from the typical artist and cd featuring on the advert and so therefore i'm only having the artist appearing as a silhouette. Again I'm using the narrative as the selling point rather than the 'name' of an artist. 

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