Saturday, 9 November 2013

Casting and Actors

Emma Hill:  Will play girl 2. I have chosen Emma because she is very reliable bubbly and out going. She also is part of an performing arts group which will help when acting in the music video

Lewis Adey: The main guy. I felt that Lewis would really suit the part because he is an amazing performer which is important in this music video as we are including a narrative throughout the video. He also reliable and fits the part physically too.

Aishah Baig- Plays the part of Girl 1. Again Aishah is a great performer she also dances and is trust worthy and available. She fun and loud and confident which will be an advantage when shooting the music video.

Alice Waugh: Playing the role of girl 3. Alice is very reliable and trustworthy. although can be shy as a performer she's a good actor from previous experience and also fits the part physically. Her girly personality is the sort of thing i wanted to be expressed in the music video.

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