Sunday, 10 November 2013

Brief Comparison of Cd covers

In class today we looked at few different cd covers shown below and made a few notes.


  • All of the cds tend to reflect the genre of music they fall into and have the artist on the front
  • Taylor swift and beyonce have simple covers as in there not hidden message as the other two have a bit more of a message.
  • Both Marilyn and Taylor feature bold and bright colors how ever they are very opposite colours.
  • Compared to taylors and beyonce simple studio setting  Eminem and Marilyn both have settings.
  • All the artist face the camera however Eminem has it back to the camera
  • Beyoncé has taken a different approach to the rest the angle of the camera is low looking up rather the normal eye level hight
  • Both Taylor and Beyoncé fall into the pop and their covers only consists of them and little text
  • Beyoncé is the only one out of all the cover who is sexualized.

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  1. Some good audience research that you are using to inform production.

    I am concerned about lack of progress on print productions.