Friday, 21 February 2014

Evaluation: Question Two

When researching artist similar to Tommy Sparks who produces music that fall into the genre of Disco/ Pop/ Indie  a band that was strongly found were The Hot Melts. I also looked as the Pop Queen Katy Perry work too and the CD covers below influenced my work.
  From these inspirations ive taken the drawing from the hot melts cd cover and added this ideas to my advert with the drink me bottle and the silhouettes . Looking at Katy Perry's digi pak we see dark backgrounds featuring one close up and bold bright contrasting colours which i have tried to included when creating my own Digi pack.

 Looking at the original Advert for Tommy Sparks Album I've followed a the same grey white and black colour scheme but have also added my own house style of brighter colours and adding a narrative to the advert as i intended narrative to be a big part of my music video.

As both the advert and the digi pak are working as a promotion package they of course have to link and appearance as a partnership.  Below show some of the similarities:

  • they both consist of the same colour scheme (red purple black, wooden)
  • Have contrasting silhouettes
  • Lips  featured on the advert and down the seam of the digipak. 
  • used the same font throughout
  •  The wooden background is found on both but not as a background in the advert.
  • The same model appears in both the digipak and the advert
  • Have a purple rim at the top of each design. 
I also wanted to included elements of the promotion package  in the music video and my ideas where the girl in the red dress pictures frame and the Alice and wonderland introduction. however when it came to the production part it did change alot. we videoed some footage and i felt that the narrative wasn't strong enough so we kept the idea of  replicating movies within the music video also reduced the ideas of frames being a focal part of the music video and  just had frames as the background of the animation.

While i organised a focus group meeting i also showed the the promotion package and asked them there thoughts on it. Many liked the Digi Pack and thought it was fun and current as the motashue are in. Alot this trend was going to be included in the music video in the end result we scrapped the idea of this as we felt nearer the end of the age range of the target audience wouldn't appreciate the trend. They also thought the colour scheme was bold and bright but with a sophistication which would appeal to the older audiences as well ( audience target age 16-21).

What i don't like about my work is that due to the change in concept of the music video the promotional package dosn't quite if the mold in all aspects. I also felt that the digi pack was alot strong than the advert. I felt the advert didn't have the professional finish. I also thing i should of added slight shadows to the models in the background making it more realistic. 

The aim of the house style and branding was to create something that combines alot of different genres of music as 'She's got me Dancing' falls into many different types. I wanted to create something that was loud, fun quirky but also have a hint of sophistication so it meets the needs for all target audience. The house style is very important as this needs to be perfect so then your audience recognize and know what would appeal to them and i felt that i was successful in doing so.

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