Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Evaluation : Question Four

While planning I used a new technology known as facebook. I used this to create a facebook page to create a chat where people can view the ideas for the market package and comment their opinions on it. WE as host would have to spark conversation between the other users to gather information however we weren’t successful as many people invited to the page didn’t seem interested and would leave feedback such as ‘ cool idea’ ‘yeah that could work’. Many people didn’t expand when we further questioned them on their initial comments. Overall I don’t feel that it was as useful as there was much useful feedback which was a starting point for improvement. I felt that rather than using new technology such as facebook to gather audience feedback that traditional methods such as  a focus group was much more successful.

When constructing the digipak and advert I used the software Photoshop. Below I’ve annotated what tools i used while editing:

When planning i felt if i had a better phone such as an i phone i could post recent updates and ideas instantly rather than writing my ideas down and later revising them in a blog post. I also could of used an iphone to capture parts of the focus group interview and add them to my blog, introducing new technology method.

Looking at the production side of things, we could have improved on the quality to the video footage as the lighting wasn’t strong enough in parts which had an effect on the overall appearance of the music video. Lighting is one of the key aspects as it gives the professional finish without this  it doesn’t quite have the music video finish.  Although the lighting did questions the professional finish of my music video it was due to the lack of new technology (lighting kit) available, which is beyond our power. However i tried my best to solve this problem seeking other lighting kit which was available to use but not for all the shooting of the video footage.

Creativity played a major role throughout this piece of coursework. Media technology supports creativity and enables you to create something unique and fresh. While using Photoshop to create the digpak and advert i experimented with many different things such as layering, manipulating an image in various ways and even adding a drawing i composed myself to the advert.  When using Premier to edit the video footage honestly i didn’t make use of its full potential like some of the other members in my class had creating over exposed black and white footage as well as creating digital aspects on top of the original video . I used the basic editing such crop, light adjustments and spilt screens.


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