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Evaluation: Question One

In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Typical Conventions of a music video:

  • Camera shots; tend to include long shots, mid shots  and close ups to create emphasis on the artist location and emotions.
  • Lighting: uses artificial lighting to enhance the artist.
  • Props: vital aiding to set the scene and significant to people and objects
  • Colours: brightly coloured to set he mood, loud and bold
  • Costume: reflects the genre and influences the audience.
  • Fast pace editing

Firstly before ever producing a music video or any product of media we have to have knowledge. Theorist Steve Neale says  genre= 'instances of repetition and difference' and what he means by this is that whatever you're creating it has to have conventions of the genre it falls into to be recognisable to the audience but also have to be unique in some way so it sells. Nicholas Abercrombie view on media products are' television producers set out to exploit genre makes sound economic sense. sets, properties and costumes can be used over and over again. Team of stars, writers and directors and technicians can be built up giving economies of scale' although is  mainly applied to television what he is saying is that  is having generic knowledge saves a lot to time when you have to create or do something .

Here is the mood board which i  began when researching ideas for my music video:

looking at my mood board I can see that I have included some of my original ideas such as grease, iconic dance moves, a lot of dancing and females featuring. Although I've included few from my mood board, this was only a starting point which inspired my later thoughts and ideas.

I had many ideas at the start and my first idea was to create something that goes through time eras. However I moved on from that  idea as I felt it wouldn't be achievable, ironically I  ended up doing something similar which was iconic movies. Below shows how I explored the ideas of  different movies and how I tried to replicate them to be obvious to the audience.

Comparing my work to real media products I would say my work is entropic and has originality. Although from research and planning I learnt that having a pre introduction is quite redundant in pop  and I very common. so I wanted to include this as it's now recently a generic  convention but also keep it original so there for I decided to create a stop motion animation as I have never seen this featured in a Pop music video. When gathering feedback I learnt that taking this risk and doing something entropic was successful and no-one dis liked the idea. I was nervous when using a stop motion as an introduction as I hadn't personally seen this before and I wasn't sure about the combination of the  real life video and the animation and whether it they would compliment each other.
 Audience I a major part when creating media products as you are producing something for there pleasure . So you would have to bare in mind that what you're producing will have to be consists of the typical conventions of the genre so the target audience will know that this product is something that would appeal to them; there has to be a level of predictability of the product. However you must be careful  to what extent you use  typical conventions and how redundant your music video will be because if it's to similar and not any different from the normal media texts produced then it wont have a selling point and lose it's appeal to the audience, being labelled ' nothing new or special'. The Audience research had a massive effect on what I created as I had to produce something that would appeal to a specific market. My genre was mainly pop and pop tend to be linked with mainstream so therefore I thought that iconic and famous movies would be perfect for this type of target audience. However  The artist Tommy Sparks doesn't only fall into the genre of Pop but also Disco/Indie and this is were I took the opportunity to create something that was entropic, hence the animation.

I also looked at different artist such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga  and Ke$ha to see how they differ and whether they consist of the same generic convention. The Music Video below is Rihanna 'Who's that Chick' It also follows the trend of opening with a pre introduction setting the scene however it doesn't have a story or narrative, if consist of more a performance, editing skills and flashing images ad lights which I decided not to include in my music as my target audience aren't purely Pop fans the artist Tommy sparks also falls into the Disco/Indie  genre so therefore I would need to cater for audience that not only have an interest in pop . I also felt that creating something similar to the music video below wouldn't introduce anything entropic and would be very redundant and not interesting so therefore I decied to stray from a music video like this, However keeping basic generic conventions.


Looking at my Advert and Digi Pak they were majorly influenced by real media products however I wanted it to consists of something entropic which was adding my own hand drawn images into the advert creating this scrap book like feel which links with how the a story and narrative is the main element of the Music Video. My first ideas for the advert were based on lady Gaga's Dig Pak advert and how it was divided into three rows. Although I liked this idea I didn't want to create something that was an exact copy; as I learned that you need to create something different for it to sell. I choose not to do this and actually base it of the original Tommy sparks advert using the colour scheme but  also collaborating Katy Perry's boldness.

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