Thursday, 17 October 2013

Response to Feedback

'Where will you get a Toy Shop?'
-We are planning to use the studio and have the props indicate where the location is. We're not going to video in a Toy Shop we are dressing up a scene of an inspired toyshop through the use of props

'Maybe 22 is to old?'
- Rethinking the age of the target audience I agree with the feedback and I think maybe twenty would be a better suited age.

'It's not that original'
- Some people questioned the originality, however some thought it was 'quite original, but generic in a good way'. I tried to express originality through the little introduction at the start of the music video and this idea of playing the old black and white to the modern with the bold colours. We also have to take into consideration that a lot of pop music is classed as mainstream so we have to produce something that the Marjory of people would like as it's the target audience.

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