Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Questionnaire Results

I'm Aware that Questionnaire's aren't the only way to gather information and feedback but I wanted to start with this way of collecting data so then I can present it when I carry out the focus group.. Results:
  •  I asked both males and females, and with the age, the majority of people in the range of what I thought the target audience should be.
  • most of the teens tended to like the  indie music but the younger fourteen year olds and the older  twenty plus  liked the pop music.
  • There was a mixture of what they like to appear in a music video a lot of them liked the idea of a storyline an studio setting  they weren't as keen on a dance setting.
  • Very few were keen on the idea of having special effects in the video.
  • Many of them disagreed with the idea that a music video had an influence on them.


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