Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Audience profile

The type of person who would the magazine would listen to ‘She’s got me dancing’ would be Hedonists so would follow the motto 'to play, or enjoy life now'. On the Jincars scale they would fall into the category of the C’s. This song would appeal to both males and females aged between 16-20.     

The person would be pretty laid back, up for a laugh and easy going  so may come across as 'following the crowd'. However quietly  they would be very confident, strong minded. They tend to just go with the flow and nothing is certain with them The person would enjoy a mixture of  socialising, shopping, gaming, beauty, parties and new experiences, dependent on their gender. Their family and friends means a lot to them but wouldn’t be very affectionate. They o like there own space. If they can be bothered they would do anything for their friends even if it was getting in the way of their own personal needs.

They would listen to a mixture of  indie and pop music such as the 1975, The Killers , Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars,  Paramore, The wombats and Capital cities. They typically enjoy 'Feel good music' but also have the odd song which they here and love, such as Counting Stars, Save a life, Oh Hey, Mr Bright side, Little Lion man and Brick by boring brick.

 If they are a female adore make-up and beauty and have a strong 'passion for fashion' with a indie/gothic twist. You would find them in shops such as H&M, Primark, New look and  if in a lazy mood they tend to do online shopping on sites like such as Missguided.co.uk or Boohoo.com because it’s easier.  They  do enjoy slouching around in a big jumper/ Boyfriend Shirt with jeans or leggings. However when going out, accessories  and shoes are a must. Perfect skin and eyeliner is the focus of their makeup.

If they are male, they do take care in their appearance when going out  and  are a big fan of partying and night life. Although social life is  important to them gaming and lads night in is too! They would drink a mixture of beers and ciders  but  do like their spirits too .  They would be the typical lad into girls and sex, but not the player type.  

  They  don’t tend follow many programmes but would now and then qwould watch tthe typical mainstream ones like ‘ Family Guy’,  'X Factor', 'I'm a Celebrity', Take me out  and 'Celebrity Juice'. But many of the teenage dramas that they follow are online such as 'The Vampire Diaries', ‘Walking dead, ‘Revenge’, ‘Dexter’  and 'Pretty Little Liars'

They are very artistic and creative enjoying arty and media base things. They like being around friends and family and love the Christmas and holiday atmosphere but also the spookiness of Halloween.  Parties and a night in with friends is the best for them ; eating  junk food, gaming, alcohol  and watching films such as  ' Friends with Benefits' ,  ‘American Pie’ ‘ Super bad, ‘The Heat’ ,  'The ugly truth' and ‘Grownups’ . But they also like the  childhood classics like Shrek, ‘Harry potter’, 'Toy Story' and  Horrors like 'Dead silence', ‘Scream’ 'Insidious',

Relationships, romance, partying, gaming and friends are very important to you.  They do care about their appearance but indulge in the one off Mc Donald's or takeaway. They love the festival atmosphere and attend the 'V' and 'Glastonbury' festivals. They always are  seeing their favorite music artists in concert and have most of their storage on the laptop taken up by music downloads, games and films.

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